At Method Health, we remain committed to the health and safety of our clients and staff as well as working with our vendors and pharmacies to ensure the same precautions are taken.

There are so many layers involved in the ever-evolving response to COVID-19.  While immune support and lung health are one chapter of this story, we also want to acknowledge the immense stress that this pandemic is having on our patients and community members as businesses are forced to close with people being laid off.

Please know that we remain committed to the health and safety of our clients, and staff as well as working with our vendors and pharmacies to ensure the same precautions are taken.

Method Health is OPEN and operating as we continue our high standard of cleanliness and sterile processes.  We have also implemented more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of target areas in our IV lounges, lab, and treatment rooms.

Yes, this is a time to support our physical health, but it’s also a time to pool our collective resources and take care of each other in any way that we can.  

We want to share not only our response to this virus from a clinical standpoint, but what we are doing to support overall health and wellbeing.  We also want to provide cutting-edge information that is not available in the “wash your hands” notices.  

We imagine you’re all on the bandwagon of aggressive hygiene so let’s cover the other ways you can support total health and wellbeing in these uncertain times.

Method Health Services and Telemedicine.

Office visits, phone appointments and video consults.
We are moving appointments to phone/video consults with our patients to support social distancing. If you have an existing appointment time we will call you at that time for your phone appointment. If you have questions please email us at info@methodhealth.com, call us at 954-289-6770.

For patients getting procedures such as botox, or, hormone pellets, consider rescheduling anytime after April 1st. We will still be offering both botox and pellets as of today, but basically, we are encouraging social distancing for the next two weeks.  

If you currently have or had the below symptoms in the past 14 days we definitely DO NOT recommend coming into the office:

Temperature of 99.6F or higher
Shortness of breath
Persistent pain or pressure in your chest
Flu-like symptoms
Traveled out of the country
Contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient
Supplement Update
We are working hard to stock supplements that help with immune function. 
We are actively reading studies that support the use of vitamins with action against flu and corona-type virus. Much of this research is coming out of South Korea and China as they are actively researching many compounds on hospitalized patients. 

Daily Immune Support Supplement
We are thrilled to report that we now stock Retrogenics Alpha, a potent Daily Immune Support with Turmeric (95% Curcuminoids), Selenium, and High-Doses of Bioavailable Vitamin C and B-Complex. We can ship that out today, or offer a “No-Contact” Delivery at our Fort Lauderdale office. 

Here is a link for more information. https://methodhealth.com/retrogenics-alpha/

Stress Management
When we face increased stress and overwhelm, we often go to coping mechanisms that don’t promote health.  We encourage you to engage in deep breathing, 5-minute meditations on Headspace, time in nature, time with pets and extra rest.  

Your health is more than taking supplements and medications. Your immune system relies on a good night’s sleep, stress management, balanced nutrition, and regular exercise. Here are some thoughts on how to manage these aspects of your health. 

Vitamin C supplements will be hard to find, which is why we are offering Vitamin C for our High-Dose Vitamin C IV Drips. If you are in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, we are offering a 20% discount for our current clients. 

We hope this overview is useful and we want to hear from you.  If you need resources or health support, please reach out and let us know what we can do to help.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe! We are here for you.

– Your Method Health Team

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