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This health practice changed my life! After providing all my symptoms from having been diagnosed at the end of the summer with Lyme, Dr Jakes knew to look for other things and because of that, I am 100% back to feeling myself again!! Had I relied solely on my infectious disease dr and ophthalmologist,I would still be managing my symptoms with a prescription versus supplements to resolve the issues. Highly recommend.



My 11 year old son has been battling debilitating lyme and mold disease for over 2.5 years. We have seeked the help of at least 30 doctors that could not figure out how to provide Bradey with any relief. I’m so excited to report that after the FIRST treatment with the incredible Dr Jakes and the AMAZING staff at Method Health, Bradey was feeling the BEST he had felt since becoming sick. His Energy levels were great and he felt such amazing mental clarity and just so good that he couldn’t wait to get his next treatment! A few more treatments later and he is doing remarkable! Its as if it’s a miracle but truly Dr. Jakes AND staff ARE THE miracle workers and we will be forever grateful for how much effort they put into my sweet boy to get him his life back! Bradey’s cognitive functions have majorly improved already and his overall mood is wonderful and his joy for life is back! He’s no longer the boy that is laying in bed sick all day and this is only the beginning! He’s living life again for the first time since becoming sick and we are so excited to continue Bradey’s journey to healing with Method Health. Thank you to the most amazing and compassionate doctor and staff from the bottom
of our hearts…words cannot express how grateful we are to have found you!



I started Method Health and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have never felt as healthy, energized and as amazing as I do now. Being a mother of 2, like everything else in life, nothing ever stays the same, including my body. The doctors at Method help me optimize my health and monitor it, every few months. Best part, I’m able to do this from the convenience of my home in New Jersey.



Upon discovering Method Health about 6 months ago, I can say without a doubt that their personalized approach to health care has benefited me immensely! From the initial consultation leading to my first protocol to just recently completing my 3rd consultation, the results speak for themselves. I’ve been able to reverse a few symptoms leading to feeling more energetic and better than ever. Thank you Method Health!



The level of care and expertise at Method is incredible. They truly test and monitor all your deficiencies and supply you with a nutrition and supplement plan that is tailored for your body.

You can’t just take pills and change your life but understanding your body and correcting is a great first step!

With exercise, method supplements and plenty of rest, I’ve been able to lose almost 20lbs and feel like I’m in my 20s again. Tons of energy and a lot less depression!

Working on your mind, body and spirit is hard, at least Method is there to give you a proper game plan. It’s up to you to follow it to success!

Thanks Method



My eyes have been opened and my life impacted by an entirely new way to approach my personal health. I came into Method for a drip to hydrate and absorb vitamins but left with a blood draw and full diagnosis on the areas of opportunity to improve my life.

Method Health and it’s friendly, educated staff, has changed my health which changes my attitude and creates a domino effect of positivity in every area of my life. Thanks Dr Tom and Dr Jakes!



Wanted to wait a full year to write a review for Method. But seriously, didn’t need to wait as the results were obvious from the start and have only gotten better as the team at Method has fine tuned my program. The highlights: weight loss, especially losing fat around the stomach. Solid 5-7 hours of sleep…I haven’t had more than 3-5 hours since I was a child. Concentration and focus have definitely benefited. Workout recovery…very little post workout day after soreness. In general, at 55 years of age I feel amazing. Highly recommend the team at Method if you believe in proactive health solutions.



I saw what an impact Method Health had on a close friend, I had to start. I live in New York, and it isn’t an issue. They come to my house to do my blood draws, then everything is done over video chat with their Doctors and all of my medication is shipped to my house. I don’t even have to go to my local pharmacy. Kind of like Amazon, for health! I’m a client for life.



I’ve been on a Method Health optimization program for a year now, and love it! I have more energy, the ability to focus and concentrate has improved, I lost weight and I’ve been able to exceed my overall health goals. The team at Method is fantastic and always there to answer my questions