Method Health Heals Patients Through Wellness Focused Care

Ben Franklin astutely said, “He is the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines“.

Have you visited your medical doctor recently and felt hurriedly shuffled from the waiting room to the exam room? Typically you experience a 5-minute interface with your doctor or PA, only to leave with a symptom-chasing prescription drug?

Most likely, you scheduled this visit 3-4 months earlier because appointment availability is limited. Hopefully, beforehand you wrote down pertinent questions, or your five minutes would expire with many an unanswered question.

Sadly, in our over-scheduled, insurance-driven world, doctor-patient interactions are the norm, but some patients want a holistic alternative.

It is not surprising that the USA ranks last out of seven other industrialized countries on health performance measures (Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom all outranked the United States), such as quality, efficiency, care and the ability to lead a long and productive life.

With such grim health performance outcomes, Method Health offers a refreshing option. They focus on improving their patient’s overall wellness as a means to treating what ails them rather than prescribing medicine that only targets symptoms.

Innovative Approach to Health Care

Fortunately for those that live in Fort Lauderdale or nearby long wait times and hurried patient-doctor consultations are a thing of the past. Method Health is a concierge holistic health care facility that provides men, women, and children with physician-directed programs that optimize health and wellness.

Services that are offered include DNA/genetic testing for health, custom blood lab panels, vitamin injections, IV hydration therapy, weight management, pain management using the most advanced treatments available, sexual health, testosterone therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, and supplements. Method Health offers more detailed lab and more extensive micronutrient testing than traditional labs at a medical doctor’s office.

Unlike traditional medical practices that focus on drug-to-match-ailment/affliction, Method Health has a mission to ferret out the underlying cause, without pharmaceuticals. The clinic has a holistic philosophy focused on balancing the individual’s health/endocrine/thyroid/reproductive hormone needs. Patients are not rotely prescribed the same generic pharmaceuticals that are popularized by drug advertisements on TV.

Nurse practitioners spend considerable time analyzing labs and tailoring a supplement regimen that is individualized to every person.

The Story Behind Method Health

Method Health opened in 2018 as the brainchild of Scott Rodgers. Rodgers, a busy ad agency executive, had battled celiac disease for five years with conventional medicine. His daily medicinal routine consisted of five prescriptions that had dreadful side effects. After listening to a podcast about IV vitamin infusions, Rodgers began a vitamin infusion regimen, customized hormone replacement, and a micronutrient program in Fort Lauderdale and felt remarkably better. Sadly, the Fort Lauderdale clinic owner decided to close in 2018 and Rodgers panicked, but not for long.

He connected with a medical doctor and decided to invest in a new holistic center. They merged as Method Health in 2018. The name Method came about because Rodgers felt that everyone has his/her own “method” or approach to getting healthy. In traditional medicine, prescriptions are the emphasis. At Method Health, customized supplements, thyroid support, and bioidentical hormones are prioritized.

Patient Satisfaction and Focus are Key at Method Health

Method Health patient Susan Silver, age 54 and mother of two, shares that the clinic was a game-changer for her during menopause. She battled vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, and fatigue at the onset of perimenopause and menopause. She visited her OB/Gyn, an endocrinologist, and her primary MD, and was offered only traditional synthetic hormone replacement.

“I was medicated with synthetic estrogen for hot flashes, and I still felt constantly exhausted. After doing my own research, I found Method Health, went for a consult and extensive blood panel, received a lengthy and informative lab explanation with Lori and began a customized bioidentical hormone and adrenal panel. I sleep better, have energy, and maintain my youthful slenderness”, says Susan.

A Typical First Visit To Method Health

For the first visit to Method Health, you do an extensive blood panel that differs from standard complete blood count by including detailed cardiovascular markers, full panel thyroid/hormone levels (besides just generic estrogen and testosterone only), reproductive hormones, and metabolic markers. A Zoom or in-person consultation with a nurse practitioner is followed by specific, compounded, bioidentical supplements shipped from Colorado to your door. After 3 months, a follow-up is scheduled to review patient outcomes and results.

Follow-Up Consultations Ensure Patient Wellness

Susan Silver shared that the follow-up consultations at first seemed unnecessary: “I was skeptical of follow-up labs and nurse Zoom/lab conferences, but then I realized that some hormones and B vitamins genuinely do need tweaking and adjusting. After follow-up and altering some key lab values, I felt better, slept better, and have energy. Each session with Lori is informative”, she says.

Method Health’s approach is ongoing as patients typically use their customized supplements indefinitely for optimal wellness.

Paying For Method Health

HAS (Health Savings Accounts) and some insurance plans cover the lab draw/blood draw, but overall Method Health is self-pay, private model. Sadly, traditional health insurance covers pharmaceuticals/synthetic hormones, but not plant-based/bioidentical panels that are not subsidized by big pharmaceutical companies.

Services Offered By Method Health

  • Botox for aesthetics/wrinkle reduction is offered.
  • IV therapies for vitamin infusions, such as vitamin C, Myers cocktail (vitamin C, magnesium), weight loss, and hangover infusion are offered for improved vitamin absorption in Method Health’s relaxing IV lounge. Did you know that we only typically absorb about 10-30% of traditional vitamins? Infused vitamins offer 100% absorption.
  • DNA/genetic testing is also offered at Method to establish any mutations or alterations in pathways. These pathways may hinder optimal health, and subsequently, bioidenticals may be recommended to balance.
  • Sexual health for men with erectile dysfunction is offered via bioidentical /reproductive lab testing to balance testosterone and estrogen and for women with similar reproductive lab testing for estrogen/progesterone/testosterone balancing.
  • Weight management is also offered via customized labs for thyroid/reproductive hormonal balancing and a nutritional plan is recommended.
  • Digestive issues are also addressed by lab/analysis of small intestine bacterial overgrowth(SIBO) and leaky gut, and food plans for optimizing gut imbalances are recommended.

Why You Have Probably Never Heard Of Method Health

Method Health does do some marketing within Fort Lauderdale at local gyms, pop stations at local marathons, and even an appearance in the Housewives of Pompano Beach show. Overwhelmingly though, referrals are by word of mouth and from holistic practitioners such as chiropractors and functional nutritionists. In fact, Susanna Coleman, Associate PracticeManager, reports that 85% of the patient base at the clinic are by referrals/word of mouth contact.

Method Health has been so successful because it offers a refreshing alternative to healthcare. Whereas traditional medical doctor visits concentrate on symptom suppression Method focuses on treatment through highly personalized wellness programs. By balancing hormones and other micronutrients naturally with plant-based, compounded supplements, drug-free wellness is attainable through the informed, caring guidance of the healthcare practitioners at Method Health.