Method Health sees growth during the pandemic

The health optimization medical facility in Fort Lauderdale has seen an increase in clients looking to improve their overall health during the pandemic

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has made us think more about our health. In an effort to boost the immune system during the pandemic, people are seeking new ways to stay healthy.

Method Health in Fort Lauderdale has witnessed this trend firsthand. The health optimization medical facility reports that it’s seen an average of four new clients per day since April seeking its personalized wellness treatment plans amid COVID-19 anxiety. Health optimization is designed to reduce stress, improve sleep, support healthy aging, reduce the risk of developing diseases, and enhance the overall quality of life. Method Health does not replace primary physicians but works in collaboration with them to provide the best possible integrated care.

“We work very differently than typical health care clinics, with our emphasis on prevention and optimal living,” said Dr. Tom Macek, MD, medical director for Method Health. “We are all about helping people feel better and live their best lives at all ages.”

Method Health’s process begins with a lab workup where root issues, caused by aging and lifestyle, can be identified. After initial lab work, staff schedules an in-office, telephone, or online consultation to review lab results, address health concerns and discuss the client’s goals. Method Health then creates a personalized treatment plan that is monitored at specific monthly intervals. Every treatment plan is individually tailored to meet the client’s objectives safely and effectively, helping the body recover and reduce symptoms. Method Health’s services include premium IV infusions and vitamin injections, bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women, peptide therapy, testosterone therapy, medical weight loss, and supplements.

Method Health also treats clients throughout the country through virtual consultations, prescription deliveries and mobile phlebotomy, and IV nutrient therapy. And it’s working. Since opening in July 2018, the facility reports that year-over-year growth has exceeded 100%.

“The two primary drivers of our exponential growth are people’s desire to boost their defenses against COVID-19 and to reduce the extraordinary stress it has introduced to their daily lives,” said Dr. Macek. “We believe this trend is going to continue beyond the pandemic as people have a new appreciation for maintaining a strong immune system and a well-balanced body and mind that can successfully manage stress.”

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