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FOR WOMEN OF A CERTAIN age, the prospect of approaching menopause can feel like venturing into the great unknown. Besides not having advance notice of when they're likely to reach this reproductive milestone, there has been a scarcity of safe, effective treatments to relieve the most bothersome symptoms related to the menopausal transition (such as hot flashes and night sweats). Fortunately, new developments offer considerable help on both fronts.

September 26, 2018 testosterone

Get a group of menopausal women together and the topic will inevitably turn to intimacy. More specifically, the lack of desire for intimacy. Owner of the Beauty Boutique in Jupiter, Gina Giannattasio, says hormones are always a hot topic among her clients.  She says, "If they're (hormones) not right, nothing else is right,  it's trickle down.


September 17, 2018 testosterone

The amount of testosterone a person has in their body can vary throughout their life. Levels depend on a person's age, sex, and health. Males usually have much higher levels of testosterone in their body than females. Testosterone is a hormone known as an androgen. Although primarily known as a male sex hormone, females also need certain levels of testosterone. However, most testosterone converts into the sex hormone estradiol in the female body.


Nobody likes needles. So would you believe people are rolling up their sleeves to receive high-dose vitamin infusions into their veins—by choice? Celebs including Rihanna, Rita Ora, Simon Cowell, and Madonna are reportedly fans. But the fad isn’t limited to Hollywood alone. Companies such as VitaSquad in Miami and The I.V. Doctor in New York offer vitamin drips to anyone. Some even do it in your own home.


Celebrities and devotees of vitamin IV drips say they can boost your mood, keep colds and the flu away and make your skin glow, but do they really work? The flu is everywhere and I do mean everywhere: we are officially experiencing the biggest outbreak in years. And when you live in New York City, riding the subway is like Russian Roulette — just clutching a pole during a bumpy ride (and forgetting to wash your hands right after) can lead you down the primrose path of a week in bed, if you’re lucky. When a dear friend of mine, who’d recently had a serious surgery, told me he was going to visit a drip lounge to boost his immunity during his recovery, I was as intrigued as any wellness reporter would be. He’d tried them before to what he felt was great success.

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