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More than 50% of people are affected by genetic variants in the methylation pathway.

Methylation can play an essential role in many chronic diseases. By understanding your genetics, you can prevent and address these conditions with proper nutrition.

The Advanced MethylDetox Profile tests critical genes in the methylation pathway. By understanding your genes and how they impact methylation, you may prevent and address existing health problems with proper nutrition.

Physician Reviewed Results

Method Health tests are reviewed between you and one of our board-certified physicians—In-person or via telehealth.

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The Advanced MethylDetox Profile gives more actionable information than MTHFR testing alone, giving you a complete picture of your body’s methylation and detoxification. The Advanced MethylDetox profile includes suggestions for specific nutrient needs with practitioner guidance.

Standard MTHFR genotyping only evaluates folic acid metabolism. Scientific research reveals that various genes maintain methionine/homocysteine balance. Genetic variations (SNPs) in these critical genes influence your methylation potential. Individual methylation is monitored using homocysteine levels. Important SNPs are included to evaluate your ability to methylate neurotransmitters, DNA, and toxins.

Who may benefit from this Advanced MethylDetox test?

Individuals with any of the following diagnoses or symptoms:

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