Testosterone therapy for men

Regain energy and revitalize your life.

As a man reaches in his late twenties, the testosterone levels in the body start decline steadily reaching to an evident depletion upon mid-life. This depletion, is referred to as andropause, and it is characterized by a number of very uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms, such as, weight gain, irritability, hair loss, muscle weakness and diminished sexual desire.

Symptoms of Low T we treat

Fatigue / Mood swings / Depression / Decreased energy levels / Hair loss / Increased body fat / Loss of muscle mass / Disturbed sleep patterns / Erectile dysfunction

Men who suffer from low testosterone levels are usually not aware of hormonal imbalance in their body and they are often misdiagnosed with depression.

This misdiagnosis can lead to a very distressing snowball effect of symptoms which harm your body even more in the long run. Research shows that men who have low or declining testosterone are at an increased risk of diseases, like osteoporosis and diabetes.

Feeling better starts by knowing better.

“Wanted to wait a full year to write a review for Method. But seriously, didn’t need to wait as the results were obvious from the start and have only gotten better as the team at Method has fine tuned my program. The highlights: weight loss, especially losing fat around the stomach. Solid 5-7 hours of sleep… I haven’t had more than 3-5 hours since I was a child. Concentration and focus have definitely benefited. Workout recovery…very little post workout day after soreness. In general, at 55 years of age I feel amazing. Highly recommend the team at Method if you believe in proactive health solutions.”


Client for 2 years