What Makes The Method Total Wellness Program Truly Unique and Effective?

The Method Total Wellness and Anti-Aging program takes a distinctly personalized approach. We understand that the secrets to optimizing one’s health differ from person to person. This is the reason why our approach to the wellness program is not a one-size-fits-all approach but one that is tailored to the needs of each individual.

By taking a highly individualized approach, we are able to identify and understand the root cause of health issues in your body and help you heal inside out. We reduce the symptoms of aging and enable your body to fight the effects of aging. This leads to healthier, happier and successful patients who are very close to achieving their goals.

Benefits of the Method Total Wellness and Anti-Aging Program:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Improved memory
  • Stabilized moods
  • Increased lean muscle
  • Enhanced focus
  • Enhanced performance
  • Improved sexual health
  • Disease prevention

At Method we believe that prevention is really the key to a happier, healthier and longer life.

Our unique and effective personalized approach to healthcare and age management program begins with custom testing, which helps us assess the performance and function of all organs in the body and helps our medical experts create customized regenerative, as well as, restorative therapies that are specifically designed to help you not only look and feel better but function better from head to toe as well.

The Method Total Wellness And Anti-Aging Program include:

  • Performance Blood Panel is a state-of-the-art, innovative diagnostic test measures vital aspects of the patient’s health, function and efficiency. It has over 40 biomarkers that include cardiovascular, liver, kidney, thyroid, hormonal, metabolic, cholesterol, adrenals, bone, inflammation, nutrients, reproductive health, and tumor markers.
  • Advanced Food and Allergy Testing identify allergy triggers as well as potential allergic reactions, to create a customized and refined treatment plan.
  • Sophisticated DNA Test is a detailed genetic test that ensures you get the right medications and supplements with correct dosages and frequency,
  • 1 Hour Consultation with our experienced Medical Staff who will discuss your medical history and lifestyle in detail and review your testing and suggest treatment options.
  • Monitoring And Testing phase is where we closely monitor your progress and also schedule follow up meetings and testing as needed.

Embrace a Happier, Healthier and Successful life, today!


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Phone Consultation

We begin by talking with you. And listening. You’ll have questions and so will we. From there, we help you make an informed decision so together, we can map out your best course of action.

Lab Work + Consultation

Following the initial phone consultation, we will have you complete some simple lab work. Together, we will review your lab results & schedule an appointment with one of our Method Health Providers.

Customized Program Designed for You

After the doctor’s visit, we will have a clear understanding of your symptoms. From here, we are equipped to design your custom Method Health treatment program

At-Home Treatments

This is where you get back to being you. Your new treatment program will inform therapy; from meds, supplements and injections plus, suggestions for a healthier lifestyle. On your time. At your house.

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